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Meraki Go - WiFi Access Point Subscription, 1 Year

Meraki Go - WiFi Access Point Subscription, 1 Year

This is a 1-year subscription for a Meraki Go Access Point. Each Indoor and Outdoor Access Point requires an active Go subscription, which provides a 1-year hardware warranty, security updates, and in-app support. Within the Meraki Go smartphone app, setup is quick and troubleshooting is easy with Guided Setup and Network Alerts.


1. Web blocking for websites that you want to keep off of your network.

2. Usage limits for locations with limited internet bandwidth.

3. Easily set up a guest wifi network separate from your POS or internal printers.

4. Automatic security updates when there are new internet threats discovered.

5. Check in on your network from anywhere - the app travels with you.

6. Network alerts will email you if your network goes offline. or if there is a usage spike