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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

If a modem is required by your ISP, you’ll need service and a modem in order to connect to the internet and enable Meraki Go devices to work. Check out how it works.

If your ISP only requires a router (e.g. for fiber internet), you’ll only need service from them, and can directly plug the Ethernet port into your Meraki Go Router Firewall for internet access.

Meraki Go is not an Internet Service Provider. It works with your existing internet to provide secure and reliable business-grade WiFi. Check out how it works.

Access points, router firewalls, and switches. To learn more about network hardware, read our blog WiFi 101.

Each of our access points has a range of 500-1,000 square feet. For larger spaces, or locations with both indoor and outdoor spaces, it’s also easy to add multiple indoor and/or outdoor access points that mesh together to provide extensive WiFi coverage.

Meraki Go’s Product Finder will help you determine what you need based on the size of space and how many devices you have.

Yes! Many of our customers use Meraki Go for their home networks.

Yes, you can manage Meraki Go through the web portal in addition to the mobile app. Log in at web.meraki-go.

Meraki Go has no licensing or subscription fees.

Using Meraki Go

When registering a new account, a verification email is sent to the supplied email address. Sometimes, this email does not arrive. In the event you are not seeing the verification email:

  • Give it some time. In some rare circumstances, email generation can take longer than expected. If the email does not arrive within the first 5 minutes, move on to step 2.
  • Issue a password reset. A password reset doubles as email verification, as it sends a password reset via email to the supplied email address.
  • Try registering with a new email address.

If you’re experiencing Meraki Go login issues, we recommend you try doing the following:

  • Try logging in from both the mobile app and web portal.
  • If issues persist with login, do a password reset.
  • If issues still persist, have someone in your company who’s already an admin remove you as an admin and re-add you. Note: This can also be a solution to 2FA (two-factor authentication) lockouts.

Finally, email if the above steps do not resolve the login problem.

To make Meraki Go simple for you to manage, we automatically manage and schedule firmware updates, so it’s easy for you to stay up-to-date and secure.

In order to select a window for when new updates are performed:

  • From the mobile app or web portal, click on Settings
  • Scroll to Advanced settings
  • Select Software updates
  • Then, select your preferred day and time of the week

Meraki Go is designed to be easy for you to unbox, setup, and manage, and does not require preconfiguration. Once you receive your Meraki Go hardware, you can then configure them.

To get ahead of a few onboarding steps while you wait for your Meraki Go devices to arrive, you can create a Meraki Go account first via the mobile app or web portal.

Visit our Meraki Go onboarding steps here.

For MSPs (Managed Service Providers)

If you’re an MSP and trying to configure devices for your clients remotely, you can register the devices a few ways.

1. For devices that ship to your location (recommended)

  • Unbox and scan the hardware QR code from the mobile app
  • Plug in and connect devices to the internet
  • Preconfigure your clients’ devices and networks

You can then ship the preconfigured devices to your clients so they can simply plug them in, connect them to the internet, and get going.

2. For devices that ship to your client’s location

Alternatively, they can share the serial number with you so you can manually add hardware to the account and configure their network.

Yes, you can easily make your WiFi network available only at certain times.

For example, you can schedule your guest WiFi network to stay on during normal business hours, but turn off during non-business hours.

Using Scheduled Network Availability, you can choose from built-in templates to set up your network availability times or customize the times each day of the week.

From the Meraki Go mobile app or web portal:

  • Select the Settings tab
  • Under Access, select WiFi network
  • Choose the network you’d like to update
  • Under Network availability, select Schedules
  • Toggle Schedule enabled to turn it on
  • In the Custom drop-down, choose from a template or setup custom network availability times each day of the week

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) lets you protect your networks by adding another security identifier, on top of your username and password.

To setup MFA on your account:

  • Select the Settings tab
  • Scroll down to Account, then select Multi-factor authentication
  • Download an authenticator app (e.g. Google Authenticator) or use an existing app
  • Once downloaded, return to Meraki Go and select Add Meraki Go to add your credentials to the authenticator app
  • Return to Meraki Go to verify your one-time password (OTP) by entering the code
  • Select Enable

Once enabled, all administrators in your Meraki Go account will be required to setup multi-factor authentication.

You can simply add the new owner as a new administrator, and then have them remove you as an existing administrator. Follow these few steps:

All administrative privileges will be transferred, and your current network configurations will be maintained.

Network Basics

WiFi 6 is the next generation of WiFi. Like WiFi 5, it connects you to the internet, but it’s significantly faster and makes your network more efficient. WiFi 6 introduces:
• New capabilities to handle increased traffic demands
• Increased capacity and coverage
• Network intelligence

If you’ve got more people and devices connecting to your networks, WiFi 6 provides better performance with greater speed, capacity, coverage, and flexibility for small businesses. The key benefits of Meraki Go’s WiFi 6 indoor and outdoor access points are:
• 3x faster speeds with 1 Gbps Ethernet ports
• 2x capacity which allows up to 100 clients for each access point
• 4x the bandwidth with 1024 QAM
• Mesh-capable

You can read our WiFi 6 blog to learn more.

A network combines your devices together - computers, mobile phones, printers, point-of-sale systems, security cameras - for the purposes of sharing information or communicating with each other or other networks.

The complete Meraki Go system includes a switch, access point, and Router Firewall. It provides all you need to deploy a simple, secure, and reliable cloud-based network that you can manage from the mobile app or online.

You can read our networking 101 blog to learn more.

Yes, you can add any of our Meraki Go devices, including the Router Firewall and switches, to create a complete network with your existing router.

That said, for the best results, we recommend replacing your existing router with the full suite of Meraki Go hardware. This allows you to create a more secure and scalable network that you can manage through the mobile app or online.

An access point is a networking device that creates wireless connectivity (WiFi) through a wireless local area network (WLAN).

The Meraki Go access point is a do-it-yourself cloud-based WiFi device that replaces a traditional router. It enables you to increase productivity and enhance customer experiences through reliable online connectivity, business-grade cybersecurity, and actionable insights about devices in your network.

You can read our networking 101 blog to learn more.

Each Meraki Go account allows you to have up to 50 Meraki Go access points, which includes any combination of indoor and outdoor access points.

Meraki Go access points utilize something known as AutoRF, which allows them to automatically determine the best channels to use based on a variety of factors. Since channel changes can interrupt clients, Meraki Go access points will wait until there are no clients on the network to change to a better channel if necessary.

A switch is commonly the foundation of a business network. The Meraki Go switch seamlessly connects all your WiFi-enabled devices with wired devices in a network through its physical ports. Devices could include desktop computers, mobile devices, printers, and VoIP phones.

You can read our networking 101 blog to learn more.

Switches are helpful if you have multiple WiFi-enabled devices within a home or office and want to join them on a single network. This can include computers, printers, security cameras, or smart TVs. The switch allows them to communicate with one another and not compete for WiFi, which optimizes the WiFi experience.

You can read our networking 101 blog to learn more.

There is currently no limit on switches allowed in Meraki Go accounts.

The Meraki Go Router Firewall allows your devices to connect to the internet while protecting your business from online threats by filtering out malicious traffic. It acts as a barrier to protect your internal network against external cybersecurity risks.

You can read our networking 101 blog to learn more.

Only one Meraki Go Router Firewall is allowed in an account. This is due to the fact that one account should be one location and the Router Firewall should be its entrance to the internet.

At this time, there isn’t a way to export your network configurations. While exporting capabilities are a feature being evaluated, we recommend the workaround below.

You can copy/paste your network configurations from the web portal or mobile app.

From the web portal:

  • Log into your account from the web portal
  • Select and copy/paste any network information you need.
  • If you’re trying to copy device or hardware information e.g. from Hardware > Product information, you can click on any field (e.g. model, serial MAC address, hostname, etc.), and it will be automatically copied to the clipboard.

From the mobile app:

  • Open up the Meraki Go mobile app
  • If you’re trying to copy device or hardware information, e.g. from Hardware > Product information, you can tap and hold on any field (e.g. model, serial MAC address, hostname, etc.), and it will be automatically copied to the clipboard.

From there, simply paste the hardware info where it’s needed.

Note: you can submit any feature requests from the mobile app or in our Meraki Go Community wishlist. We regularly monitor and prioritize all requests made.

Expanding Your Business Network

Yes! The Router Firewall Plus allows you to use a single account to manage up to 5 different physical locations through the Meraki Go app or web portal. This gives you the option to manage each location separately or log in with one email address and manage devices at multiple sites under one company name.

You can easily add new Meraki Go devices to create a complete network or expand your network as your business grows.

Yes, you can have multiple administrators manage a single network via the Meraki Go app or web portal. You can also easily switch accounts to manage multiple Meraki Go accounts.

Meraki Go currently supports the ability to configure up to four wireless networks. Each of these networks has the ability to be configured with a unique name, custom web blocking and usage settings, and the ability to turn the network into a guest network.

You can quickly and easily set up Meraki Go at a new location in the same way you installed Meraki Go devices at your current location.

Meraki Go vs. Cisco Meraki

Meraki is an enterprise-grade cloud management system. Clients include colleges and universities, retail and restaurant chains, hospital systems, and sporting venues like SoFi Stadium.

Meraki Go provides a simple, secure, and smart networking solution for small businesses. The cloud-based system empowers business owners with a reliable system they can easily install and manage themselves. Meraki Go is sold directly to customers through partners like Amazon.

Meraki Go and Cisco Meraki devices currently cannot be combined. They cannot be managed through the same dashboard or mobile app, and Meraki Go access points and Cisco Meraki access points also do not mesh or connect to each other.

We recommend creating your Meraki Go networks using only Meraki Go devices.

Stay Connected

Meraki Go Support is available in-app directly from the Meraki Go mobile app or the web portal.

The customer support team is available Monday to Friday from 7am-4pm CST to help with any questions or issues you may have.

  • From the mobile app, you can open a ticket by navigating to Settings > Contact Support.
  • From the web portal, select Contact Support from the user icon dropdown in the top right or visit this link: web portal support.

Learn more in our documentation.

Need any advice or help troubleshooting? Visit our Meraki Go Community for more resourceful answers and interact with other customers.

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