Who Has Time for Complicated?

The easiest way to view, manage, and secure your business network — profitably.

Meraki Go: How It Works for You

See how your business can benefit from the cloud-enabled Meraki Go App

Never Dread Security Again

Security is usually complex, but not with Meraki Go.

Automatic Security Updates

Even with limited resources and constantly changing encryption standards, you can keep smart devices and online, cloud-synced services secure.

Secure Across the Board

The cloud-enabled Security Gateway secures everything from routing to network hardware and, ultimately, the users.

One Trusted Network

With one connectivity solution, you can skip worrying about how different networking gear works together, securely.

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Take the Complexity Out of Your Business

  • Setup in less than 10 minutes. No networking know-how required.
  • Prioritize business tasks by limiting how much bandwidth goes to things like streaming video or sharing files.
  • Put to use the power of WiFi and wired networks—internet usage, web blocking, guest WiFi—in no time and with more confidence.
  • Manage networks remotely as easily as using any other smartphone app.
  • Keep your business, customers, and employees safe online effortlessly with automatic security updates.
  • Get a quick snapshot of network connections—who is online, how much bandwidth they’re using, and on which network, device, or app.

Count On Our Reliability

Meraki Go is a network solution that lets you do all the things you thought only an IT pro could do. Get started with your Meraki Go gear and the Mobile App without any additional software or subscription.

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