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Customer Stories

See how Meraki Go helps businesses work better

The Dahlia School of San Francisco

How co-founders Lindsey Barnes and Alejandra Tryon use Meraki Go to help run The Dahlia School of San Francisco.

Scaffidi Restaurant Group

How Frankie DiCarlantonio uses Meraki Go to help make award-winning homemade Italian cuisine for the Ohio Valley community.

Family Dentistry:
Dr. DeLong’s Story

How Dr. David R. DeLong, a cosmetic & family dentist, uses Meraki Go to keep customers happy and staff productive.

Ice and a Slice:
Simon’s Story

How Meraki Go gives Simon and his colleagues all the tech superpower they need without breaking a sweat.

Shotwell’s Bar:
Tom’s Story

How Tom Madonna uses Meraki Go at his bar to enable secure WiFi for payments and keep the good times rolling for customers.

Hair It Is Barbershop:
Danny’s Story

How Danny Garcia-Decoteau entertains customers with fast WiFi while keeping his family-owned barbershop thriving with Meraki Go.

What customers are saying

“Meraki Go has been a great technology addition to our restaurant because of the amount of control we have over the devices, the ease of setup, the business-level security it brings to our operations, and the workload it can handle.”

Frankie DiCarlantonio
Director, Scaffidi Restaurant Group

“Meraki Go allows us to split our WiFi into multiple networks so we can operate more efficiently.”

Tom Madonna
Owner, Shotwell’s Bar

“Meraki Go just works. We no longer have productivity or bandwidth issues. It’s simple to install and manage without IT experience.”

Simon Wililams
Head of Digital, Ice and a Slice

“Using the Meraki Go app, I’m able to see bandwidth usage and keep my business and patients secure through built-in security.”

Dr. DeLong
Owner, Dr. David R. DeLong’s Family Dentistry

"Meraki Go devices work perfect. Perfect."

Alejandra Tryon
Co-Founder, The Dahlia School

"Before Meraki Go, employees complained about the slow WiFi from too many customers sharing the same network. The complaints went away after I set up our Meraki Go WiFi gear"

Danny Garcia-Decoteau
Owner, Hair It Is Barbershop


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