Faster Networks Start with
Dependable Hardware

Meet the networking hardware suite that increases reliability through better connections across network-connected devices.

Access Points
Security Gateway
Network Switch
Increase coverage to make the most of every WiFi-enabled action at your business. Plus, IP67 rating ensures rain or dust won’t mess with your WiFi.
Safe routing, browsing, and downloads—It’s an essential tool to keep your business secure.
Easily manage all your plugged-in devices in your network through smart switches.
  • Set Up in Minutes

    No networking know-how required. With the Meraki Go Mobile App, you can install, scan the gear to add it to the app, and get going in 10 minutes or less.

  • Keep Your Business Moving — Fast

    Create multiple networks to separate your business, employee, and customer data—and manage bandwidth on each. You can even create secure WiFi access for guests or clients with a single toggle.

  • Prioritize Your Tasks

    Keep your WiFi speedy by limiting how much of your bandwidth goes to things like streaming video, audio, or online file sharing.

  • Security Without Hassles

    Protect your business from malicious websites and downloads without lifting a finger.

  • Know Your Business

    Monitor who’s on the network and how it’s being used within your business anytime, and from anywhere.

  • Stay Informed

    Take charge with relevant notifications—know if the hardware is offline or which device is hogging the bandwidth. Make easy, quick fixes using the tools in the mobile app, if needed.

Access Points

Get fast and reliable WiFi anywhere work happens.

Pricing Starting at $149 *
*MSRP Excluding Tax
Security Gateway

Securely connect your business, customers, and employees with each other and the world.

Pricing Starting at $149 *
*MSRP Excluding Tax
Network Switches

Plug in as many devices as your business needs with the world’s easiest smart switch.

Pricing Starting at $229 *
*MSRP Excluding Tax
Build Your Network Solution

Meraki Go, a network solution for small businesses, is created by Cisco Meraki, leaders in cloud networking with more than 2 million active networks worldwide. We’re here to help you use the real power of networks confidently, and in no time.