Meraki Go For Retail

Unleash the Power of Your Storefront

Excite customers with unique in-store experiences.

Why Businesses Like Yours Use Meraki Go

Every second wasted waiting for a slow internet connection holds up sales and makes customers wait. With all your connected devices powered by Meraki Go, make it a welcoming experience instead.

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  • Smart Speaker
  • Mobile Device
  • Security Camera
  • Security Camera
  • Mobile Device
  • Smart Speaker

Service Your Customers Can Smile About

With an always-up network, you can scan orders, swipe cards, run loyalty programs, and print receipts without a glitch — at the checkout or in the aisle.

Everything to Run an Awesome Business, Combined

A cloud-enabled network automatically syncs all your business services, including Shopify, Yelp, Quickbooks, DocuSign, MailChimp, and more.

Keep an eye on your business 24/7

Whether you want to manage bandwidth for security cameras or to protect online users at your store, we’ve got you covered for both physical and cybersecurity.

Change is Good

Most of your business services are now cloud-based — your business networks should be, too. Leverage Meraki Go to delight your customers throughout their visit and make their in-store experience a breeze, enticing customers to return again and again.

Check In From Anywhere

Know how your business is running, even when you’re on the go. See all your connected devices, from tablets to security cameras, right from the Meraki Go app, allowing you peace of mind, no matter where the day takes you.

Room for Everyone

With multiple Meraki Go WiFi networks, you can keep your business services, guest networks, and employee management independent — allowing to balance critical tasks and customer experience.

Danny’s Success Story

A barbershop owner wanted a unique experience for his customers. See how Meraki Go helped his shop become a cut above the rest.

Streamline Your Store

From back office to front desk, increase your sales velocity, while leaving customers happier than ever, with Meraki Go.

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