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WiFi built for you. With features made for business but an app designed for humans, Meraki Go has the best of both worlds.

Access Points

Meraki Go offers Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Access Points so you can have fast and reliable WiFi, no matter where your business goes. By incorporating the latest hardware standards, Meraki Go access points simply plug in to your network and get to work. Just like you.

Indoor and Outdoor Access Points

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The Meraki Go App

The Meraki Go App controls every aspect of your network. After a quick, guided setup, your network will be up and running in minutes. Check the app to see which devices are using all of your bandwidth, and with Usage Limits, set limits on exactly how much video streaming is allowed.

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It is working like a dream. It was amazingly easy to set up. Even a “non techie" person like me can set it up easily. Plug it in and download the app and it basically walks you through the steps. Very simple.
Dr. David DeLong
Dentist Santa Clara

Business Benefits

Features built specifically for people who have better things to do than manage their own WiFi network.
Web Blocking


Keep sites you don't want on your network away with Web Blocking. Secure your network and protect your users, all through the Meraki Go App.

Usage Limits


Prioritize business-critical apps like Square or Quickbooks with Usage Limits. Set your network to prevent guests from hogging all the bandwidth needed for your business to function.

Multiple WiFi Networks


Easily set up a guest WiFi network to separate guest users from your point of sale system or internal devices. Stop worrying about guests accessing any confidential records.

A System You Can Depend On

The Meraki Go subscription gives you access to live support with a real human being, as well as security updates and improvements. What more can you ask for?

A System You Can Depend On

The Meraki Go Experience

Whether your business is providing guest WiFi, running a corporate network, or protecting point of-sale devices, Meraki Go will make sure your network is both secure and a joy to use.

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