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For IT Professionals

Enterprise-grade WiFi for Small Business

Secure. Resilient. License-Free. Networks made easy with Meraki Go.

Easy for your clients, Easy for you.

Meraki Go’s reliable plug-and-play IT solutions supercharge small businesses. Get networks up and running in minutes with sleek devices and the intuitive Meraki Go app and web portal.

Network Health View

Monitor your network from anywhere and take action when needed.

Quick Network Settings

Adjust settings on the fly — web blocking, usage limits, guest WiFi, and more.

Rich Guest Insights

Higher customer engagement and loyalty using built-in analytics.

A Complete Network Solution

With the Meraki Go access points, switches, and router firewalls, you’ll have a complete IT solution that keeps businesses running securely and smoothly. No license or subscription fees required.


Safe & Secure

Network Protection

With Meraki Go, you’ll get end-to-end business-grade security with automatic updates. Block malicious websites, malware, phishing, and other costly threats.

Need more security? You can add-on the Cisco Umbrella security layer.


Trusted & resilient

Support When You Need It

Built by the makers of Cisco Meraki, you’ll get free dedicated email and in-app support. Each Meraki Go device comes with automatic firmware updates that save time and headaches.

Customer Stories

See how Meraki Go helps businesses work better

Ice and a Slice:
Simon’s Story

How Meraki Go gives Simon and his colleagues all the tech superpower they need without breaking a sweat.

Family Dentistry:
Dr. DeLong’s Story

How Dr. David R. DeLong, a cosmetic & family dentist, uses Meraki Go to keep customers happy and staff productive.

Hair It Is Barbershop:
Danny’s Story

How Danny Garcia-Decoteau entertains customers with fast WiFi while keeping his family-owned barbershop thriving with Meraki Go.

Shotwell’s Bar:
Tom’s Story

How Tom Madonna uses Meraki Go at his bar to enable secure WiFi for payments and keep the good times rolling for customers.

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